How We Cultivate One-on-One Relationships With All Our Clients

28.07.21 10:26 PM By Mary
As the virtual assistant industry continues to grow in size, business owners today have a literal world of options at their fingertips when it comes to outsourcing business work to freelancers and independent contractors online. 

With so many options available for hiring a virtual assistant, of course you want to know what sets Millennial Assistants apart from the rest of the VA industry. 

Let’s take a look at some of your other virtual assistant options, and then we’ll lay out how we’re different.
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Independent Contractor or Virtual Assistant Agency? 

Normally, when hiring virtual assistant services, a business owner is forced to choose between working with a single virtual assistant as an independent contractor, or working with an agency that will further subcontract your work out to others (often placing you with a single individual or with multiple independent contractors). 

The benefit of working with an individual virtual assistant is that you are often able to build up a connection with that person as they learn the ins and outs of your business. However, when working with an individual, there are also several downsides. 

Most virtual assistants specialize in a specific niche, such as social media management, graphic design, audio/video editing, content repurposing, etc.—which means that if you want to get truly high quality work on different tasks throughout your business, you will likely need to hire multiple virtual assistants to specialize in each task. This quickly gets expensive, and also means that with each new individual hired, you need to re-train them in learning the ropes of your business style. 

Another downside to working with a single virtual assistant is that when that individual is out for the count (whether they’re sick or they have something come up), there is often no one else to pick up the slack and get the work done

When working with a virtual assistant agency, it might seem like you get access to a full team of VA’s that can cover a variety of tasks, but in many cases, you end up getting placed with independent contractors who require retraining anytime you need someone to complete a new task that falls outside your first assistant’s realm of expertise. 

Additionally, working with a VA agency often comes at the price of losing the personal touch that you have with an individual assistant.

How We're Different

Our unique business model at Millennial Assistants brings together the best of both worlds and then some. 

Unlike working with an agency, when you hire Millennial Assistants for your virtual assistant needs, you are hiring a full team of US-based virtual assistants with a variety of expertise across various industries. That means that once you enter into a contract with us, you have access to our entire team of skilled professionals! 

You also get the benefit of working individually with an account manager throughout the entire duration of your contract with Millennial Assistants. This person is able to develop a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of your business, and is then able to pass the tasks on to the contractors who will carry them out according to their specialties. This prevents you from having to constantly retrain new people on how to do tasks that you have already explained.

Here's how the account manager relationship works: 

  • The account manager meets with the business owner once a week to go over the tasks that are required to be completed and to receive feedback from the business owner about the work that has been done so far.
  • The business owner can also email or message the account manager at any time with any feedback or questions. 
  • The account manager will develop an SOP (standard operating procedure) throughout the course of our contract together, which will document all work completed and how it is done. The account manager will use this information to train our contractors, and will then pass this document onto you, the business owner, at the end of your contract with Millennial Assistants. 

As you can see, our account managers make team management a breeze in their position as liaisons between you and the contractors who are carrying out your business’s tasks. 

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