Who Needs a Virtual Assistant and Why? 

16.05.21 06:54 PM By Taylor

You went into business for yourself because you didn’t want to be a slave to someone else’s schedule. You’re a visionary with an ability to see the big picture when it comes to growing your business, but now you’re finding yourself bogged down in a million mundane tasks that are necessary to running a business.

With each new quarter, you set big, lofty goals for your business and for what you want to achieve… only to find yourself bogged down in all the daily little tasks so necessary to running a business. 

We know that you are a busy person. It takes a lot to run a business.  You are constantly being pulled in several directions and it can sometimes feel like you are having a difficult time gaining traction on any specific problem. Day-to-day, it is the minutiae that hold us back when we are working on the big picture.  E-mails, phones calls, basic data entry, and a whole slew of other small activities we have throughout the day are like gunk in the gears of our productivity. 

You find your days occupied by:

  • Spending hours sorting through your inbox - filtering spam, responding to clients
  • Answering the same questions on phone calls over and over
  • Getting stuck and frustrated trying to organize spreadsheets of data
  • Fighting with your website trying to get it to look the way you want it to
  • Many other daily tasks that take our focus away from the important issues for business growth

It’s impossible to scale to the level you desire in your business if you’re still letting your days be ruled by mundane tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else. If you want your business to grow bigger and faster, you’re going to have to get some help. 

What if I told you that we could alleviate many of these frustrations? 


What we can do for you


It’s right there in our tag line, “Do the work you love.  Leave the rest to us.”  Millennial Assistants allows you to focus on the aspects of your company that allow you to have the most impact on growth and income while we take care of the pile of small activities that drag you down every day.  Why spend your day typing up invoices and making sure they are e-mailed out to your clients when you could be focusing on finding new clients to bring into the company?  Think of how much time you free up in a day if someone else transcribes important videos/calls for you.  Our team can take so many basic tasks off your plate to allow you the freedom to focus on the important aspects of your company. 

Some of the services we offer:

  • Data Entry
  • Research & Data Mining
  • Transcription
  • eCommerce Support
  • Sales & Marketing Support
  • Purchase Handling
  • Scheduling
  • Calendar Management
  • Meeting Minutes


How it works


Finding the right virtual assistant can be a gamble.  You find a website where you can post your job and then comb through all the applicants, hoping to find the one that will work best with your company.  You take time out of your busy schedule to train them to do your tasks exactly the way you want them done.  At the end of the day, you are just hoping that you get the value out of them that you need.  What happens when they decide they are done?  You start over from square one, but this time you must not only train a new virtual assistant – you also must train them to understand the work of your previous virtual assistant. 


What we offer


Millennial Assistants is a virtual assistant services company. Here, you aren’t just hiring yourself a virtual assistant, you’re hiring yourself an entire team of qualified virtual assistants.  Once we know the needs of your company, we assign an account manager to you who will be your point of contact from that point on.  Your account manager will work with you to develop the proper SOPs for whatever tasks you need completed, along with a timeline of how long it should take for each task required.  Your account manager will have a team of virtual assistants who are eager to complete the tasks come their way.  This format allows us to circumvent the issue of having to constantly retrain new virtual assistants as well as availability issues that can arise.  Your account manager will be there to quality control any work done by the virtual assistants and because they developed the SOPs themselves, they'll have a solid understanding of the task required. 


Why not just have your own staff?

Being an employer can be incredibly stressful.  The beauty of a virtual assistant is in their ease of use and cost efficacy.  You don't need to pay extra overhead for an employee to have office space or the high costs of benefits.  You no longer need to worry about the efficiency or quality of the work being done.  With a virtual assistant, you can trust that four hours of work is going to actually yield four hours of output.  No need for an employee to sit on the clock for forty hours when they are only being utilized for ten hours a week.  From the cost of utilities to payroll, Millennial Assistants can save you money and raise your level of efficiency when properly utilized. 


CLICK HERE to choose a virtual assistant services package that's right for your business or take a moment out of your day to set up a consultation with our team.  We would love to help you to get back to doing what you love!



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