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​Borealis Consulting 
​Springfield, MO

9/6/2021 -  I have been extremely satisfied with Taylor, James, and the rest of the team. 

I have paid for international VAs at 6.99/hr for the last two years… and I hired these guys earlier this year. They have TOTALLY been able to get my brand on point and have taken at least 3-6 (depending on the month) hours off of the work I had to do for my

email blasts and a good 5-8 hrs off of social media!!! Totally worth it!! Plus they’re cool as shit!!

I work directly with James on a regular basis, and he handles all of my back-end marketing on social media, as well as coordinating monthly email blasts. We’ve been working together for a few months now, and he has done a phenomenal job, alongside their copywriter, at developing a style that is very close to my voice, and has allowed me to stay on brand with minimal effort!

I think the main reason that I would recommend MA is that I have thrown them some major curveballs on projects that were outside of their initial comfort zone, and instead of leaving me stranded they went the extra mile to help me. In the end I received a top quality product on a HUGE project…a super feat since it was both James and Mary’s first time writing a grant…let alone a federal one!

Overall they have been responsive and timely in their communication and tasks, are proactive once they have the feel for brand and task coordination, and are flexible as all get out with how they work with each client. 

I know I’m a pain in the ass (who would have thought right!! ;), but I am also a stickler for quality and they are lightyears better than other assistants I have used in the past! I truly do recommend them and hope these examples give you a clearer picture of WHY I recommend them... aside from the fact that they are as odd as we are! :D

- Mary Overbey Founder & Chief Innovator

​IT Risk Managers, INC.
​ Okemos, MI 

9/7/2021 -  I have personally worked with Taylor for some time now and she has always done a great job for us.  She meets our deadlines and is very accurate. We are so excited to see her business grow.  Having her and her team available us to when we need an extra set of hands really helps.  Thanks for doing what you do.

- Larry Harb President & CEO

​Gantom Lighting & Controls
​Valencia, CA

9/10/2021 -  Millennial Assistants takes the time to make sure you’re getting exactly the support you need. They work with you for as long as it takes to tailor their services to your unique business. The versatile team has a wide range of expertise, meaning it’s a one stop shop for most of your day-to-day tasks. Most importantly, they’ll help you audit your workflow to see what other routine tasks they can take off your plate to free up your valuable time. Definitely grateful for their help!

- Julia Warren Applications Specialist