Leave It to Us: Professional Virtual Assistant Services

28.07.21 09:58 PM By Mary

virtual assistant services

Hey you, busy entrepreneur! I see you there drowning in your workload and getting overwhelmed by the dozens of menial tasks filling your t

Are you ready to hire extra help in your business, but not sure what services are covered when hiring a virtual assistant? Having trouble finding a truly US-based virtual assistant when so many companies are outsourcing VA work to underpaid contractors in the Philippines?

Maybe you're not sure where to start, and you're just looking for more information on our virtual assistant services here at Millennial Assistants. 

That's why we put together the list below as a detailed description of the services that we offer business owners like you!

Data Entry

Why waste your time fighting through tedious spreadsheets when you could have our team of Excel and Google Sheets professionals tackling all your data entry needs for you? We’re willing to bet we can do it faster than you can—after all, you’ve got better things to do with your time. 

Research & Data Mining

We’ve helped clients with researching information and data for grant applications, business plans, marketing campaigns, and more. You give us the parameters of the research and we’ll help you find and organize all the data you need.


Many virtual assistants are offering “transcription” services these days, but have little-to-no experience in professional transcription. At Millennial Assistants, we know that transcription is a professional skill that requires appropriate training and expertise. We train all our transcriptionists in appropriate style guides (according to your company’s needs). We recommend that all contractors use express scribe and a foot pedal to ensure the most accurate, high-quality transcription every time. 

eCommerce Support

Do you need some help with managing the “help desk” of your eCommerce business? We can assist with organizing and responding to support tickets/requests. Looking for support in setting up your eCommerce business, writing product descriptions, or keeping the tech side of the store up and running smoothly? Our team can take care of it all! 

Sales & Marketing Support

Whether you need help with planning out your marketing strategy or with tracking analytics after the execution of a new marketing campaign, our team of marketing and copywriting experts is here to support. 

Purchase Handling

Need help with handling purchasing decisions in your business? We can help with anything from larger purchases such as wholesale orders and stock orders to smaller, simpler purchases like office supplies. 


Do you have a system in place to handle scheduling across your business? We know how valuable your time is as a business owner—let us help you take back control of your schedule by scheduling all your appointments in a systematic, orderly way that puts you back in charge of your own time. 

Calendar Management

In addition to scheduling, we can also organize and manage your entire calendar for you. When you’re focusing on the upper-level decisions of your business, you shouldn’t have to worry about your calendar. Hand it over to us, and we'll make sure to schedule in some much-needed R&R time for you while we're at it. 

Meeting Minutes

Don’t have anyone to take minutes during your business meetings? No problem—just send us the recordings afterward, and we’ll write out full minutes according to your preferred style.

Basic Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are educated in the science and technique of graphic design and experienced with using multiple design programs to create the graphics you need for your social media, blog, email campaigns, and more.

Website Management

Whether you’re a fully online business or brick and mortar with an online presence, maintaining your website is a time-consuming and tedious task. We’re happy to take over.

Zoho Administration & Process Creation

Do you need help with implementing Zoho One across your business and fully maximizing the potential of this popular and effective business process management software? For an extra charge, we also offer upper-level Zoho administration and process creation.

Social Media Management & Scheduling

You know you need a social media presence in today’s business world, but let’s be real: staying on top of social media is a lot of work. Coming up with a content strategy, researching hashtags, writing out the copy, scheduling your posts, engaging with your followers across platforms, growing your presence, and monitoring your analytics can all add up to a full-time job. Whether you just need social media support or you want us to take over the entire shebang, we’re here to help. 

Email Marketing

Our team of marketers and copywriters is able to help with planning out campaigns, running analytics reports, writing email copy, setting up campaigns in your preferred email marketing software, organizing email lists, and more.

Blog & Web Content Writing

Our team of writers is trained and experienced in writing SEO-optimized blog posts and web pages across a variety of industries. Whether you just need a few posts written here and there or you are looking to build your blog from scratch, we will work closely with you to match your brand voice and align your content marketing strategy with your business’s primary goals. 

Looking for More?

Do you have a need for more virtual assistant services that you don’t see listed above? Don’t worry, we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves. 

Set up a FREE consultation call today and we can develop a game plan to get your business the support it needs so that you can get back to doing the work you love!