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28.07.21 10:22 PM By Mary
Did somebody say "free services"? 

We know that as a business owner, you're always working on a budget. 

That's why we've built in several complimentary services into all of our virtual assistant packages!

When you choose to work with Millennial Assistants, you select a certain amount of billing hours that you would like to receive from us weekly. When you choose your hourly package, you are looking at the number of hours that will be dedicated specifically to completing the tasks you’ve assigned us. These are billable hours—the time that is spent by our virtual assistant contractors and employees that is purely dedicated to work for your business. 

However, in addition to the number of work hours that you choose, you will also receive a number of complimentary VA services as a part of your monthly payment to Millennial Assistants. 

The services that are included with all packages through Millennial Assistants are:

Weekly Meeting with Account Manager

Many independent contractors performing virtual assistant services for business owners will include any and all meeting times as part of their billable hours under their client contract. The business structure of Millennial Assistants allows us to allot 1-2 hours weekly (depending on which package you choose) for a complimentary meeting with the account manager that is not part of your billable hours. AKA, free!

Contractor and Virtual Assistant Training

Any training that is required to complete the assigned tasks for your business will be handled internally by Millennial Assistants. Unlike when you hire a new employee for your company, when you work with MA you will not be responsible for training anyone in systems and services. You will only need to give us an overview of the tasks that need to be completed, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Task Management and Quality Assurance

You’ll let your account manager know what needs to get done, and they’ll take over from there. You won’t have to worry about making up individual little tasks for each member of a team, assigning them out, and then reviewing it all at the end to make sure it’s up to speed—that’s our job now. 

Email/Chat Account Manager Anytime

During the course of your contract with Millennial Assistants, you will be able to send your account manager an email or chat at any time. You’ll be free to reach out whenever you need to when any questions arise, and you can always count on a timely response. 

SOP Creation and Documentation

This means that as we work together, we at Millennial Assistants will be documenting all work that we do for our clients and how that work is carried out. We use this information to train Millennial Assistant contractors and substitute account managers. Once your contract with Millennial Assistants comes to an end, we will happily pass this valuable information over to you for use in training future employees or contractors who may work with you on similar tasks. 

Regular Contract Reviews

Once you start working with Millennial Assistants, you may find that you love our work so much that you simply need to get a few more hours of work out of us each week. We’ve had it happen with clients before! On the flip side, you may also find that after some time spent working together, things are now running so much more smoothly and efficiently in your business that you no longer need the original work hours you contracted for. This is why we include a regular review of your billable hours as a free service throughout the course of your contract. 

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