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28.07.21 10:04 PM By Mary
When we say that Millennial Assistants is a budget-friendly company, we mean it in every sense of the word. Not only are our prices a fantastic value for the quality virtual assistant services that we provide, but our subscription-style pricing structure makes it easy for you to stick to your business’s budget. 

Working with us also cuts out the hassle of hiring internal employees for your company. You don’t have to manage payroll, think about benefits, or worry about whether you’re paying someone to check their phone behind the desk when you’re not watching. With Millennial Assistants, you only pay for time when actual work is being done—period. 
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How Our Virtual Assistant Services Work

When you work with Millennial Assistants, there are never any surprise charges or hidden costs at any point during the course of your contract. 

That’s because when you choose your service package with us, you decide how many working task hours (billable hours) that you want from us each week. This way, you are always billed the same amount each month, and you always know exactly how many hours of task work to expect from us. 

During our initial consultation call and preliminary meetings, we will figure out a scope of work based on your business’s unique needs. This scope of work will be fully outlined in your contract, including necessary tasks and expected service dates for task completion. We will then work closely with you to determine which tasks need to be prioritized and completed first in order to make your chosen package work for you and your business.

Your contract will also show each of your billing dates, with the precise amount to be charged on each date. No surprise bills!

If you only need our virtual assistant services for one month, that’s fine too. We’ll still meet to lay out a scope of work and determine how many task hours will be needed over the course of the four weeks. You’ll only be charged once.

But What if I Want More?

Sometimes, as their businesses grow, our clients find themselves with more and more tasks that they want to pass off to our virtual assistant team at Millennial Assistants. (What can we say? We know how to make our clients happy with our work!) 

If you find that we have maxed out your weekly hours but you have more work that you want us to do for you, we’ll be happy to schedule a free meeting with you to renegotiate your contract to include more billable hours. We will never bill you for extra hours without getting the green light from you, and when we do, we will update your contract to reflect that change. 

Let's Get Started!

Head over to our virtual assistant services page now to look at our packages and find the one that works for you. If none of our pre-existing packages look like a good fit to you, then go ahead and set up a consultation with us! We are happy to work with you and your budget to develop a customized contract and scope of work tailored to you and your unique business needs. 

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