Startup Packages

Our Startup packages are perfect for the small startup owner who's busy wearing ALL THE HATS and wants some relief from the more tedious, but oh-so-necessary tasks each week. 

All Startup Packages include:      

10 hours of tasks

4 hrs 
project management 

1 hr call with account manager

All package hours are a weekly average

Get started by choosing one of our 10-hour per week Entrepreneur packages below. 

How long will you need our services? 

Our most flexible option

$1,500 E4W


3 months
​$285 in savings!*

> 5% discount 

3 month contract

$1,404.80 E4W


6 months
​$1,140 in savings*

> 10% discount

6 month contract 

$1,310 E4W


12 months
$3,420 in savings!*

Our biggest savings option! 

> 15% discount 

1 year contract

$1,215 E4W


What's included? 

You'll build a one-on-one relationship with your account manager who will delegate tasks to members our vast network of skilled VAs, train them, and provide quality assurance on all tasks. You are not charged for your account manager's time - it's included in all packages! So, what are you charged for? 

"Task Hours" are hours that our VAs are deliberately and diligently focusing on the day-to-day tasks like data entry, transcription, and more that keep your business running. You no longer need to pay for any downtime, lunch breaks, or time spent checking personal messages. The clock is only running when we're hard at work! 

On top of task hours, we include these free services with ALL of our packages to ensure you're receiving the most high-quality work: 

  • Weekly meetings/phone calls with your account manager (up to one hour per week)
  • Training and management of virtual assistants and contractors
  • Email or chat communications with your account manager
  • Creation and documentation of SOPs custom-made for your business
  • Regular reviews of actual task hours worked to make sure that your plan is always working for you!

Does it matter which contract length I choose? 

The contract term length that you choose will depend on how you prefer to do business and what services you need. If you think you'll only need our for one month, go ahead and choose the 1 month contract! At the end of one month, we will check in with you to make sure your needs were met and part ways with no feelings hurt! Sometimes, you just need some extra help with that one big project. 

If you think you'll need our help for longer than one month - great! We'd love to get to know your business and help it grow! A longer contract with us means a steeper discount for you and a hands-off approach to billing. Your subscription will automatically bill monthly for the term length. You can cancel the remainder of your contract within the first 30 days for any reason. 
Download a copy of our service agreement here

* Savings calculations are based on total amount saved over the course of the entire contract term length as compared to our 1 month/month-to-month price over the same period of time.