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28.07.21 10:30 PM By Mary
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One of the first questions our clients ask us is almost always: 

"Where do you source your contractors from?"

There are many virtual assistant companies out there who claim to be US-based, but here at Millennial Assistants all of our contractors actually work from within the US — no fine print.

If you too are a business owner who needs online help from a virtual assistant, but you’re trying to avoid outsourcing your work to overseas contractors, then you've come to the right place!

Maybe you also fall into the classification of running a "minority-owned business," and you’re looking to work with a virtual assistant service provider who will also understand the unique business challenges and struggles that come from being a "minority" in the business world. 

Here's why you'll love working with us: 

We Are a Truly US-Based Company

Unlike many other virtual assistant companies that you’ll find on the web, Millennial Assistants is an entirely US-based company—from our headquarters in Springfield, MO to our entire team of contractors working remotely across the United States. We take pride in offering some of the highest quality virtual assistant services currently on the market, and as such, we refuse to outsource our services to underpaid employees in other countries. 

Sure, you can find other companies offering services that look similar to what we offer at Millennial Assistants. Some of them will even say they’re US-based...that is, until you get to the fine print and then discover that they’ll be sending your work off to other contractors outside the U.S., many of whom are often working at a rate that is well below minimum wage. 

By working with Millennial Assistants, you can rest assured that your business’s tasks will be handled by highly-qualified, educated employees who are all receiving appropriate compensation for their services. 

We Are Minority-Owned

We are also a female and LGBTQIA+ owned company, and we place a high value on providing an equitable and comfortable working environment for our staff and independent contractors. 

With multiple women and queer-identifying humans on our team, we are all too familiar with harassment and discrimination in a business setting (yes, even in online work!), and we are committed to battling prejudice and intolerance within our business.

In short, we follow the golden rule at all times, both with clients and with independent contractors: we all treat each other the way that we would like to be treated. By nurturing this environment of respect and esteem across our business, we find that our contractors in turn are better equipped to complete their work in a timely and effective manner—a win-win for everyone involved.

Work With Us

As a college-educated team that also carries several years of experience within the world of business and entrepreneurship, we know that you will be impressed by the work that our team at Millennial Assistants delivers. We take pride in hiring the best of the best, and when we don’t know an answer or don’t know how to do something, we don’t stop until we figure it out. 

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Mary Cancilla
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