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Our business model and services are kind of new to the world - so it makes sense that you might have a lot of questions. We strive to maintain transparency with all of our clients and team members alike, so we've collected our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you here. Not seeing what you're looking for? Let us know and we'll be happy to add it to our ever-growing list!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

First, you'll need to decide how many hours of work you'll need from us. If you feel comfortable deciding on your own which hourly package is right for your business, get started right away with a self-checkout on our Services page. 

If you're not quite sure what kind of help or how much help you need, fill out our "What to Delegate" form here. Once submitted, a member of our team will reach out to help! If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a call, please email us at  

I'm not seeing a package that fits my needs.

Our packages have been added to our website for ease of access to our customers based on the average needs of our clients. We are happy to work out a customized package for you! Reach out to let us know what you're looking for and a member of our team will help you get started! 

I've signed up! Now what?

Once you've selected a package and signed up for our services, you'll be ready to get to know your account manager! During the first weeks of your contract, your weekly hours will be spent working one-on-one with your account manager. You'll build a close, trusting relationship as they get to know your business and what you need from us. 

Over these first weeks, the account manager will work with you and your team and begin slowly delegating tasks to the rest of our team. The process becomes much more hands-off after this, as most of your outsourced tasks will then be completed by our network of virtual assistants, while the account manager will still be your main point of contact. 

Your account manager will be training contractors, managing the delegation of your tasks, keeping track of contractor hours, making sure deadlines are met, providing quality assurance, and delivering finished work to you. 

The account manager's time is included in your contract and is of no extra cost to you. Throughout your contract, you'll receive weekly free hours with your account manager to ensure that we're still meeting expectations, and so that you can delegate any new tasks that come up. 

If for any reason you have an issue that your account manager can't solve, they'll be happy to put you in touch with a Client Success Manager. Always feel free to reach out to with any issues or questions that come up as well! 

Where are you and your contractors located?

Unlike many other virtual assistant companies that you’ll find on the web, Millennial Assistants is an entirely US-based company—from our headquarters in Springfield, MO to our entire team of contractors working remotely across the United States. By working with us, you can rest assured that your tasks will be handled by highly-qualified, educated employees who are all receiving appropriate compensation for their services. You can read more about our US operations here!